All-rosewood Gibson Nick Lucas Special


This is cobbled together from a listing at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, many years ago.

In the late 1920s, when Gibson began making its first serious attempt at a high quality flat top guitar, the company enlisted the endorsement help of Nick Lucas. Lucas was one of the original "crooners," and was riding the wave of a huge hit song, "Tip-toe Through the Tulips."

The Nick Lucas Special went through numerous changes in body shape, body size, body woods and bridge designs between 1928 and 1934, and consequently most versions the model are relatively rare. But this instrument from late 1929 is unique, with a Brazilian rosewood top as well as Brazilian rosewood back and sides. Furthermore, it is signed on the back "To my friend Nick Morro from your friend Nick Lucas."

 The body shape is that of early Gibson flat tops, 13 5/8" wide with a circular lower bout. Like all Lucas versions -- and no other small-body flat tops -- the body is extra-deep, a feature that gives the Lucases a rich tone.

 This instrument (inv. #AG5124) is in excellent condition. With a soft case, no less, it was offered at $20,000.

Photos abound on the internet. I knew a guy who owned it for awhile, who found it, ahem, difficult to listen to. He sold it to a collector of film memorabilia.

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