Songs, stories and melodies from around the world

Seven of the Bay Area's more broad-minded musical voyagers 
converge to explore and share sonorous treasure

          • Robin Petrie - voice, hammered dulcimer, santouri, accordeon 
          • Shira Kammen - voice, violine d'amore, fiddle, harp
          • Kevin Carr - voice, violine d'amore, fiddle, bagpipes, strings
          • Paul Hostetter - voice, guitar, mandolin, stringed things 
          • Barry Phillips - voice, cello, tabla & percussion
          • Shelley Phillips - voice, double-reeds, harp, harmonium, whistle 
          • Peter Maund - percussionist extraordinaire
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Recently playing music from Sweden, Scotland, north Georgia, 
Auvergne, the 18th century, Madagascar, Gaspésie, 
Bulgaria, Mississippi, the 11th century, Armenia, 
Xinjiang, Oklahoma, Galicia, north Africa, 
and the 21st century. 

Dizzying time signatures
Startling geographical segués
Cheerful hubris
Occasional songs
Good ideas
Seat belts suggested

An evening of unique and incomparable entertainment is assured.

For more information, contact Paul Hostetter