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As of 1 June 2001, I ceased to import or represent Maurice Dupont guitars. 

For ten years I had worked assiduously to promote and handle Maurice Dupont's instruments, opening a significant market not only for him but for everyone else who followed him into the American market for Selmer-style guitars. 

Over that period of time, the quality of the business connection diminished to the point that I simply had to get out. I always dealt with Maurice Dupont in good faith, and stood by him because I believed in his work. I put out enormous effort on his behalf—running ads, answering a staggering amount of mail, writing numerous articles for journals, selling CDs of the music, doing trade shows and conventions, dealing with customs and shipping, taking care of an increasing amount of after-sale issues. I even drew his label for him. I never came close to breaking even from a business point of view.

As the flow and quality of instruments dwindled, so did the communication. He hung me out to dry with thousands of dollars worth of unsalable or returned instruments. To this day he has still not made even a small gesture to explain his silence and withdrawal - a sad denouement to what was once a very productive working relationship - and a friendship. 

Anyone wishing to pursue owning a Dupont guitar may try contacting:

     Maurice Dupont
     20, rue Port-Boutiers
     16100 Cognac

Good luck.