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Introducing the modèle Paul Mehling

...a baritone guitar

the Mehling Dupont fleet, March 1999

OK, what does he have here? Left to right: 

- an MC50 that was used in a Woody Allen film that's out of production but thus far not released. This one has in interesting story all its own. 

- Paul's MD20, the one he thinks he's keeping at home so it will stay pristine and clean. 

- the MD30, the first Dupont in North America, which now looks like an old Selmer because it's been played so much. You cannot fathom how many miles Paul has put on this guitar now. 

-  NEW KID: the modèle Paul Mehling, and the one he's playing above, it's an MC30 baritone. This guitar has a scale of 770 mm (30.5") and its low note seems to be an A, an octave below the regular A on a guitar. As you can see, the body is larger. This is a stunning guitar, as gutsy a low voice as one could hope for. By the fourth fret, you're up into a regular guitar scale again, but yikes - the timbre! I can't wait to hear what Paul's going to do with this instrument. (Yes we have strings for it). 

Thanks to Kara for the photos! 

Contact Paul and band here: 

Hot Club of San Francisco 
3105 Ashbrook Court
Oakland, California 94601
 Their website is at

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