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 Paul Hostetter, luthier
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All string instruments
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since 1963

simply means
with wooden stringed instruments.

I am primarily engaged
in the repair and restoration
of wooden stringed instruments.

I devote perhaps 90% of my time to working in the world of bowed instruments, with the rest of my shop effort allotted to fretted instruments and a few others, like harps and so forth. There are a few instruments I do not work on, such as harpsichords, bandoneons, winds, and midi electric guitars.

I have been a professional luthier since 1963. After fifty years, the workload from my established clientèle is fairly brimming. Nonetheless, I still manage to squeeze in interesting projects here and there. If I can’t fit them in, I will happily recommend one or another of my esteemed colleagues.

I work out of a small shop near my home in the coastal hills of central California. I work only by appointment. I make a few instruments from time to time, but alas, the exigencies of my repair work leave little time for it. This is why I am gradually shutting down my repair business: I want to make some instruments!

In any case, if you have any instrument-related question, by all means, please get in touch.

I have a page of links to all sorts of things. This means repair tips, advice, links to other resources, and details about my work specialties both with bowed instruments and non-bowed instruments. Lots of stuff, including pages that are only linked to other pages—not in any main menu. To get there, or at least start, please click here. my daughter Kaethe drew this...

As time allows, there will be pages on music I play or am somehow involved with. Instruments are nice alright, but after all, music is what's really important. 


(Perhaps this is me; I often feel like this) 

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