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Background information
An introduction (start here)
Is it a Maccaferri?
Or is it a Selmer?
The Internal Resonator
About Mario Maccaferri 
in English
in French
Selmer Primer
About François Charle
The Selmer Maccaferri book
Manouche-Tone Strings

Discussions about Selmer guitars from the retired Dupont site
- on tinting and purfling details
- on bracing
- on wood choices

What about Maurice Dupont?


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 Selmer Guitars
Start here. Some background about this type of guitar 
     ...then go on to some of these related pages...

Is it a Maccaferri? Or is it a Selmer?

Basics of the old Selmer models

Mario Maccaferri's internal resonator

About Mario Maccaferri, in English, written by me 

About Mario Maccaferri, in French, by François Charle 

About François Charle, and the Paris shop of R&F Charle

About François Charle's Selmer Maccaferri book

Strings for these guitars

About Manouche-Tone strings 


About me and the work I doFlip
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