Here are some pictures of the Batch of Fifteen of 2003 . . .
good old H-4

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Here's a shot of the back of Ray Bierl's, which is Indian rosewood. We picked a nice colorful set. The top is Sitka.

Ray Bierl's

Here's his endpin. This washed out shot unfortunately doesn't show the nice ivoroid grain. 

Neck strap button to match.

Here's the bridge, close up:


This one is Josh Michaell's. The top is red cedar, the sides and back are California claro walnut which Josh found in Healdsburg and brought in, and the neck is simple eastern walnut, which is a better neck material. 

Here's a closeup of the sensational back. 

Here is my pride and joy from this batch:

All woods are from my immediate neighborhood: coast redwood top, from the stump of a tree that was felled in the 1880s, California sycamore (Platanus racemosa) sides, back and neck, and manzanita fingerboard, bridge and overlay. The finger board is trunk wood from the manzanita, the overlay and bridge are from the root burl, which is like pipe briar.

The neck is perfectly vertical grain. Eric nearly went blind carving it.

The guitar is light as a feather, since the sycamore is a very light wood, as is the redwood. It has an astonishingly deep and substantial tone anyway. It's a keeper for me!

Want to see more? Good, you'll be glad.

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#1 :Ray Bierl Sitka+EIR | Josh Michaell cedar+walnut | PH redwood+sycamore
#2 :Rick Chelew cedar+mahogany |  Bob Carlin sunburst sitka+mahogany
#3 :Henry Kaiser redwood+pink ivory|+PH
#4 :Kevin Carr bay laurel (er, myrtlewood) and red cedar
#5 : Chris Cooper Adirondack+bigleaf maple
#6 : Bruce Molsky Adirondack+padauk 

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