An old one, of pages relating to
Selmer guitars, and so forth. 

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                 #503, the modèle Django Reinhardt

   Start here. Some background about this type of guitar 

  Is it a Maccaferri? Or is it a Selmer? With some information that will help in
  understanding "gypsy jazz" guitars by understanding the traditions they come from

  Basics of the old Selmer models 

  Mario Maccaferri's internal resonator
    About Manouche-Tone strings 

About Mario Maccaferri, in English, written by me 

   About Mario Maccaferri, in French, by François Charle 

   About François Charle, his Selmer Maccaferri book,  
   and the Paris shop of R&F Charle

About these really beautiful flatpicks 

  About me and the work I do

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